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Second activity with beneficiary schools

09 March 2020

Follow up activities of the project "Clean Environment - Responsibility and All" at target schools continue.

Initially the participants presented and commented on the drawings they had worked on during Activity 1. Each of them commented on how they see the environment and mentioned alternatives on how to maintain the environment in a way that was livable for all.

In addition, the participants divided into groups worked out the daily agenda listing all their activities from morning until bedtime. In listing their usual daily activities, they also identified the waste they generate during a given activity.

Each group presented their listed activities to the others and thereby became aware of the amount of waste they generate on a daily basis, and thereby discussed different options to reduce waste during the activities mentioned eg. re-using some of items.

One such example is the reuse of glass bottles. With their creativity, these participants had turned their glass bottles into flowerpots, some into ornaments and others into a place for the pencil sharpener. This was one of the simplest ways to reduce waste, which is to re-use them and other items.




Clean environment - responsibility for all

Children are the basis of development and they are most exposed to the actions of adults.


Origami - Prizren

Origami, paper folding in different shapes, is associated with Japanese culture.


Anida Gjurgjiali is certified from Competencies Passport

Identification, respectfully self-reflection of interpersonal skills are most fruitful welfare...



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