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Activities “Komuna jonë – Shtëpia jonë” in Vërmica

19 November 2019

Activities of project “Komuna jone – Shtepia jone”, in “Heronjet e Lumes” school in Vermica. Students of this school had the opportunity to learn information related the waste littering and waste management. In addition, through Field Bingo activity, they identified the presence of waste littering where they live, in purpose to raise the awareness of the quantity and negative impact in public health. 

During the second activity, students did drawings of the environment at their school. By their drawings, they identified the waste created in school environment, in purpose to increase the awareness of the factors and causes of a polluted environment. 

In the last activity students found out about the waste, they generate during the different activities throughout the day. And this activity concluded the consequences that come as a result of daily waste during the activities. 

This project is supported from European Union Kosovo, through Balkan Green Foundation and Institute for Development Policy (INDEP).




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